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3rd Quarter Project


This quarter our take-home project is to make a short puppet show based on a book. Your student will choose their favorite part of a book to create a puppet show. This is to be done entirely at home and will be due on March 4th. We will be presenting the shows that week. The puppet show presentation should be 3-5 minutes. Please have your student follow the steps below:


1: Choose and read a book.

2: Choose favorite part of the book.

3: Write down characters from that part, setting, and summary of what happened.

4: Create a puppet for each character needed.

5: Practice mini puppet show to demonstrate what occured in chosen part of the story.


The puppets can be made however your child decides. Some ideas include popsicle sticks, brown paper lunch bags, socks, etc. Let your child be as creative as they choose and have fun with it!



Junior Elementary Team


Get 2 Months for $5!